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top NEW NESL CONTAINERISED MOVER KIT  and  NESL320 MOVER TANK CLEANING KIT  CE & ATEX Certified         Video Clips Mover1    Mover2 



NEW now also available for North America built to comply with US regulations UL508 and NEC

Since its inception nearly three decades ago, the NES MOVER has undergone many changes and additions. Today’s version represents years of experience and customer feedback which has resulted in certainly the most safe, sophisticated and best performing MOVER ever produced

NES MOVER Sit and Ride (click to see typical site layout)


The containerised version comes in a 20ft container certified for shipping. It has double doors at each end.

Compartment 1- Machinery Room with double doors

Acoustic lined compartment fitted with a Diesel Driven Hydraulic power pack.

Engine fitted with Spark arrestor, Chalwyn air shutoff valve and external Emergency stop.

Hydraulic pump is a Vickers PVH98 variable displacement pressure on demand system close coupled to the engine.

Ventilation by Louvers with acoustic barrier.

Power pack mounted on anti vibration Mountings.

Drip tray under engine

Fuel tank for power pack

Hydraulic tank and cooler for power pack.

Compartment fitted with Checker plate flooring

For Major engine installation and maintenance

Compartment 2- Equipment Room with double doors


1 x Twin umbilical reel (Manual operation), containing 100 Mtr umbilical for lobe pump and

100 Mtr umbilical for Mover including operator airline when in Manual operation.

This reel and umbilical is designed for Zone 1 operation. (Deployed next to manway)

4 x Extension hoses for reels (for connection between power pack and double reels)

1 x hydraulically powered mover system (Zone 1 operation)

1 x hydraulically powered Lobe Pump zone 1 operation

NES670 Rotary Lobe Pump

Double Reels with 100m Umbilicals


Acoustic engine room with diesel hydraulic power pack

(Click here to see container inside layout)


LOBE PUMPS Maximum Solids size 30mm

The Pumps are mounted on stainless steel frames with swivel castors for ease of movement. The pumps are manufactured and certified in accordance with the current ATEX directives and come supplied for use in hazardous area’s designated Group 2 Cat II.

All pumps come supplied with suction bend for floor level waste removal. Pumps can be supplied with either Viton or NBR lobes.

Other models of lobe pumps are available upon request.

NES Lobe Pump Specifications.

ATEX certified in accordance with BSEN 13643:1, EN50021, ISO9001, BSEN 13980 in accordance with article 10(1) of the directive equipment or protective system or components intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres- Directive 94/9/EC- Certified Category 2 IIG.

The NES 640 and the NES 670 are the standard lobe pumps that are available in our range.

The 640 is rated for 70m3/hour @ 6 Bar and the 670 is rated for 140m3/hour @ 6 Bar.

Both pumps are hydraulic driven with a manual control valve mounted for the Mover operator to control when in the tank.

The design of the hydraulic system means that no case drain line is required for the pump, which means one less hose in the umbilical


Storage for the Mover, the Lobe Pump, the Reels and Umbilicals and side entry and louvered panels


Owners of the NES Modular Manway Cannon System can get an adaptor kit to

convert their Mover into a ROV using one of the Manway Cannons




Non acoustic version without container

NES640 Vertical Submersible

High Pressure jetting pump powered from the Mover hydraulic power pack

Opposite Side 2 HP hose reels and 2 x shut off guns



NES320 Mover

NES402B Acoustic Hydraulic Power Pack


NES670 Rotary Lobe Pump

NES405A Umbilicals

The Mover and the Lobe pump are powered by the power pack via umbilcals from two hose reels mounted on a separate frame in order that the power pack may be sited away from the tank. The umbilical for the Mover has an additional service hose for the breathing air supply for the Mover operator. This is another NES safety feature as the airline hose is protected inside the sheathed umbilical. The engine is fitted with many safety features including spark arrestor and Chalwyn air inlet shut down valve. Both the power pack and hose reels are frame protected and are equipped with lifting points.

The 670 Rotary Lobe pump can pump up to 162m/3 per hour with a maximum discharge pressure of 6.3 bar. Fitted to a trolley for ease of movement inside a tank it can be used up to 100 meters away from the reels via the umbilical. To maximize pumping efficiency, suction is direct into the pump via the 90 degree elbow. Discharge is normally through lightweight bauer type piping. Control of the pump is by the control block mounted on the pump or directly from the power pack.

The NES Mover system is a purpose built tank cleaning tool for large diameter above ground storage tanks. Fully hydraulic with an operator breathing air supply line encapsulated in the umbilical. The Mover system is the fastest, and most efficient way to carry out de-sludging operations with minimum man entry. Typical de-sludging rates of 200m/3 per day (8 hours) can be achieved by an experienced operator. The Mover system is ideal for the cleaning of crude oil, black oil and product tanks up to 100 meters diameter Insertion and assembly in a tank is simple and takes less than 1 hour, no tools are required