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NESL have recently added the next generation of Treatment Plant to our extensive list of equipment.The machines are manufactured and sized to provide a low, whole life cost of ownership and our customers are fully supported by our fully trained after sales service and repair team. The machine is fitted with a full Viscotherm hydraulic system and is an intrinsically safe.

Duty: Crude Oil  7.5m3/hr

CQ4000DS/FHD-3-phase centrifuge manufactured with one Duplex Stainless Steel bowl and scroll for continuous separation of two liquids of different specific weight and one solids phase. An adjustable impeller which can be varied during operation without stopping the machine assures full optimization of the two liquids being separated. An adjustable weir plate is also incorporated.

The latest version comes in 2 standard ISO 20Ft containers that are designed to be stacked one on top of the other during processing