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Safety Alert

NESL and its employees have been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing innovative tank cleaning equipment for over 20 years. NESL have an enviable reputation having a range of different tank cleaning systems for the many different scenarios encountered in tank cleaning.

NESL have equipment working on six of our earth’s continents and are suppliers to many of the major tank cleaning contractors around the world.

It was inevitable that one day, through jealousy, greed, a desire to infringe our copyright or simply because they were unable to come up with their own ideas, someone would try and copy some of our equipment.

We at NESL are to a degree flattered that this has happened as it clearly demonstrates that our equipment works well.

However, making a copy of our equipment does not guarantee that it is safe to use or fit for purpose. NESL when developing products go through a vast amount of testing and certification to ensure that our products are safe for use in the environment for which they are intended.

 We have already received feed back of an instance where copied equipment has led to a major fire in a crude oil tank. Clearly the pirate manufacturers have got it badly wrong. Other feed back is about copied equipment that has failed to perform adequately causing financial loss to the purchaser.

We are currently in the process of gathering evidence to instigate legal proceedings against a German Company for copyright infringement and will be considering warning the Oil companies of the dangers of using the services of contracting companies with pirate copies of NESL cleaning equipment and systems.

Tank owners beware of copied equipment cleaning your tank, use only genuine NESL equipment.

Contractors beware of purchasing copied equipment, only purchase genuine NESL equipment.