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To enable the Manway Cannon  to be used more easily on large crude oil tanks up to 100 Meters in diameter NESL have developed a smart jetting nozzle to be mounted in a centre roof Manway.   When used in conjunction with one or more Manway Cannons this nozzle completely covers the areas which would be out of reach of the cannons alone.


Can also be used as a stand alone non modular  unit (click)


The nozzle has similar real-time software positional indication and enhanced automatic control  to enable pre-set sweep patterns to be followed.  It also has a “LEARN” mode whereby  the software is able to record operator input of a particular pattern and then follow the learned routine automatically. Manual control is also available from joysticks in the main control room. 


To utilise the NES SMART NOZZLES with previously supplied MANWAY CANNON SYSTEM there is a requirement for additional equipment to be either pre-installed during manufacture or installed at a later date by a team of NESL technicians. 


  For new customers NESL have decided to produce the next generation of control containers / systems in a modular formation. This will enable new customers to purchase any one of three different systems that use the same control container. They then can add at a later date one or two of the different existing systems without any addition or changes to the control container.


The modular container unit unit will comprise of the same design 2 or 3 compartment containers the we currently produce but the control, electrical and hydraulic systems pre-installed in the container will be capable of running the following equipment.

  • NESL Manway Cannon System
  • NESL Rover System  ( Remote Operated Vehicle )
  • NESL TC Smart Nozzle unit


Due to current lead time requirements we have also decided to carry at least one modular 2 compartment unit in stock ( dependant on order status ), prepared to the following standard.


  • 2 compartment container Fully painted white
  • Stainless steel floor and lights in both compartments
  • Fully insulated and lined control room with consol ready for options.
  • Power unit capable of operating all systems
  • Recess panels for umbilical connection


This level of readiness allows us the option of reducing lead times on most systems by 3-4 weeks.


By the very nature of being modular, the unit has the ability to be added to at any time giving the client the one tool that will do every job.



Top of TC Smart Nozzle Assembly
Bottom of TC Smart Nozzle Assembly
Real time position and system information
Manway Cannon

ROV with Cannon,Camera,Light and Gas or O2 detection

ROV with Suction,Fixed Cannon,Camera,Light and Gas or O2

detection, also available for 24" manway entry and self assemby inside a tank